Active Density is the combination of different densities of foam and the base of the saddle, which guarantees excellent comfort and performance. In the rear area of the ischial support the foam has a higher density to ensure maximum stability of the pelvis by eliminating the dispersion of energy. In the central area Prologo have used foam with a lower density, giving maximum comfort to the perineal area where pressure peaks can occur. In the front/tip of the saddle, the foam has a lower density, which allows you to download the pressure during maximum thrust in the forward position. The performance and the comfort of these saddles is also due to the Carbon Fibre Injection base that has different rigidity to give stability to the person at the rear and increase the comfort in the central area and front by eliminating pressure from the pelvic area. The special openings in the hull make the base of the saddle more elastic to provide extra comfort when pedaling in a relaxed position and at the same time great stiffness during the phases of maximum thrust, when the position is more advanced on the saddle.

High density

on the rear area of the saddle (seating zone) for a maximum level of comfort and stability in the ped al stroke.

Medium density

on the central zone (perineal area) in all riding conditions.

Low density

on the front to eliminate picks of pressure in the phase of maximum pedal stroke.

More Stiffness

in the back

Less Stiffness

in the central zone to obtain a much better comfort and flexibility.

More Stiffness

in the front