The SPACE line-up provide the maximum ergonomic design. Space It is featured with a wider central tunnel which eliminates pressure spikes and numbness. This increases the bloody flow in the man perineal l area, in the woman genital anatomy as well. It offers further comfort and performance.

The SPACE ergonomic system, developed from the PAS basis, has a longer and wider saddle central channel by adopting variable foams in order to support pelvic structure. The SPACE saddle width has a range from 141/143 mm to 147 mm depending on the model and on the shape.

The saddle’s nose is designed with a 45° respect the saddle axle in order to improve comfort and maximum push during aerodynamic positioning, the nose radius also gets rid of rider’s pressure.

The SPACE line-up has different shapes: round/semi-round/flat and they are available in the following models:
Scratch 2, Nago, Zero and Kappa. The Space utilization is suitable for road and off-road.