Size (mm):
251 x 145
Weight (gr):
218 g
Rail available:
7 mm
Microfiber + Grip
Light Foam

“We want you to create an innovative e-bike saddle. Amaze us. “

With these few words Prologo has launched a design challenge at the Politecnico University of Milan. A 360° project started by an in-depth market analysis to get to know the sector, the target and the competition. This is then transferred to create the best product that Prologo can offer this market segment.


The Multi- Sector System: Proxim W650 introduces a new revolutionary technology, the Multi – Sector System: three different individual zones mapped and separated along the saddle, each composed of different interactive foams and single-cell padding. These areas work independently adapting to all the positions that cyclist can take.

The Shape: Shorter, 251 mm, wider, 145 mm and with a semi-round shape. Along the edges, Proxim W650, is more flexible allowing greater freedom of movement and facilitating each pedal stroke.

Optimized tip and PAS channel: Tip size increased and  with an angle of 30 ° is much more flexible. The W650 also features a central tunnel (Prologo’s PAS system) that eliminates numbness and reduces the compression of soft issues, improving blood flow in the pelvic area.

Rear Cover: Designed to increase grip in all weather conditions.

Rear handle and reflective graphics: The saddle is equipped with a rear “handle” to facilitate the movement of the bicycle as well as a graphic with reflective materials to improve safety.

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