PAS technology, perineal area system, is studied with a saddle central tunnel in order to eliminates pressure spikes and numbness in the pelvic and prostatic area. PAS ensures the maximum bloody flow of genital and perineal man and woman body.

Pas system scientifically eliminates the contact among the saddle and the genital’s rider area improving comfort and ensuring at the same time the general well-being.

PAS is produced with premium materials which offer modular base stiffness and long term durability.

The Pas system is available in all Prologo line-up: round/semi-round/flat and in the MULTSIZE version.


The SPACE line-up provide the maximum ergonomic design. Space It is featured with a wider central tunnel which eliminates pressure spikes and numbness. This increases the bloody flow in the man perineal l area, in the woman genital anatomy as well. It offers further comfort and performance.
The SPACE ergonomic system, developed from the PAS basis, has a longer and wider saddle central channel by adopting variable foams in order to support pelvic structure. The SPACE saddle width has a range from 141/143 mm to 147 mm depending on the model and on the shape.
The saddle’s nose is designed with a 45° respect the saddle axle in order to improve comfort and maximum push during aerodynamic positioning, the nose radius also gets rid of rider’s pressure.
The SPACE line-up has different shapes: round/semi-round/flat and they are available in the following models:
Scratch 2, Nago, Zero and Kappa. The Space utilization is suitable for road and off-road.